If you've been following my work for a while now, you know I've had a ton of blogs. None of them seem to last very long. My wordpress blog under my real name years ago was probably the longest lasting. Every other blog, especially the ones with a theme, has basically fizzled out after a while for one reason or another. I really want a general purpose blog, however, and I feel like I could definitely use a place to talk about the proects I'm working on. So this is an attempt to create that.

Going forward, I want this to be my main hub for communicating with supporters and friends about what I'm up to. Eventually, I will add a subscription system for bonus content for people who feel like giving me a bit of money each month. Right now, though, I think I should start by introducing myself and the projects I'm working on in case anyone stumbles upon this who doesn't know me.

My name is Alex Penclaw. I'm a panromantic, asexual, polyamorous and genderfluid individual who prefers they/them pronouns. I like to write things, but I often have trouble writing due to my chronic depression. I'm a member of the furry fandom, and my current main fursona is a dragon. Here is a picture of them:

A black dragon with purple belly scales and blue hair, eyes, tongue and wing membranes.
Colors by me, Base by @SuperHensa on Twitter

My primary interests in terms of writing and creativity are science fiction, fantasy and horror. Speculative fiction has been my first and truest love among the myriad genres of literature and media, and I never grow tired of finding new gems within that vast expanse of stories and art. In fact, I'm working on a science fiction audio drama podcast called Librarium Stellaris which follows the voyages of the Galctic Archive Ship Alexandria. Think Star Trek meets your local library (except gayer) and you have a pretty good idea of what the show will be like once I get to recording it.

I'm pretty active on the Fediverse, and I am even in the process of setting up my own server running the Hometown fork of Mastodon. The working title for the server is The Orbital Cafe, and I even have a logo for it:

A white coffee cup on a blue planet in front of a purple nebula

The general idea is for the instance to be focused on art, writing and other creative pursuits. Hometown has some interesting features, including local-only posting so that people can discussions that are centered on the instance itself and that do not federate. Its a very interesting piece of software and I'm really looking forward to getting the instance to be fully-operational.

Overall, I am very excited and happy to have a new hub for all my projects as well as a place to share all the random thoughts that enter my head. Welcome to The Penclaw Press. Hope you enjoy your stay!